About Me

Well Hello There!

Welcome! I’m Sam, a Mom, wife, and HR Pro.

As a working mom I am passionate about my career. While there are a ton of resources out there for stay at home moms, I don’t feel like there’s much in the way of support and encouragement for the working mamma. So I wanted to change that. So kick up your feet and take a look around. Let’s talk about our kids, and our jobs, and our marriages while we’re at it. Let’s have some serious conversations about some of the emotions that go into each of those, particularly when combined together. It’s hard. So let’s not pretend it’s not, but let’s make the best of it and lend support to one another when we can. 

I’m married to the love of my life and we have two beautiful girls together. After serving in the US Army, my husband is now a stay at home dad (and a great one at that). We’ve learned to navigate some of the struggles that come with these new roles and he’ll be sharing some insight along the way as well (so stick around Dads). 

I’m originally from South Carolina and graduated with a BA in Human Resources, before going on to earn my MBA. I’m currently working about 50 hours a week in HR for a great company. I love what I do and will be sharing plenty of HR related posts as well.

I’m here to share my highs and lows through it all. We will cry together and laugh together. Hopefully we will both grow from what we can gain from one another. Feel free to drop me a line and email me directly. Be sure to subscribe so you can stay up to date on all the happenings ‘round here!