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Resources for Working Moms

Resources for working moms

Being a working Mom is not easy. Some days I feel guilty for not being at home with the kids. Other days I feel guilty for not feeling guilty about being home with the kids. You feel guilty for working but then you feel guilty if you don’t work. You were late for that parents teacher conference and felt guilty for it, but you also felt guilty for having to duck out of your meeting early. With all of the stress and pressure, I wanted to share some great resources for working moms. These resources have really helped me as I try to find that happy work-life balance.  I hope at least one of these can be useful to you.

Resources for working moms

Project Management – Asana

So, who said you only need project management tools for work? I use mine just as much for home as I do my job. I’m currently using a great program called Asana. It is really great, especially if you like to collaborate with others or share tasks. You can create different teams and projects and make certain projects personal so other members can’t see them. What I like about it is that you can check off tasks as you complete them. I’m big on checking off items on lists. There’s just something about it that gives me a bit of satisfaction. Asana’s basic program is free. I’ve never had a need to upgrade to their paid program personally, but I’m sure there are added benefits. You can download Asana for free by clicking here.

The Family Organizer App

With my husband being a stay at home Dad, communication is important. Keeping up with when my daughter had horseback riding lessons, what we needed from the store, doctors appointments, etc., was becoming very difficult with our ever changing schedules. So we found this great app, The Family Organizer. It allows us to synch our calendars, grocery lists, to do lists, everything. I can add items to the grocery list and can see them as they are checked off by hubby from the grocery store. I also love that you can upload pictures and add events to certain family members, or the whole family. It’s been a great time saver and I recommend it to any family.

The Skimm

So, we cut out cable several years ago; which means we don’t watch the news anymore. I don’t like relying on social media to keep me informed, which is why I rely on The Skimm. The Skimm makes it easier to stay up to date on the news, while avoiding some of the “fluffer” stories you typically come across. What’s better is that it gives you the information in an easy to read and convenient way so that you get the facts, without wasting your time on things that don’t matter. I personally hate networking with new people only to find that I’m clueless on whatever current events topic they may begin discussing. You can subscribe to The Skimm for free by clicking here.

So when my husband and I moved to North Carolina, we didn’t know anybody. We still hardly know anybody. We have no family remotely close by. None of our neighbors have kids. So when it came time to find a sitter, we were at a loss. We really didn’t know anybody well enough to trust their suggestions on a safe and reliable sitter, but didn’t want to rely solely on google reviews either. That’s where came in.

We used Care.Com and paid for a one month trial in order to try and find a sitter. We were fortunate and found a great college student who our girls fell in love with. provides you with all of the tools you need to make an informed decision. You can not only review potential child care providers and sitters, but you can also perform background checks and read reviews left by others who have used them in the past. The site is not only limited to childcare, they’ve since opened up to elderly care, housekeeping, and pet sitting as well. What more could a working Mom need? You can click here to gain access to the site and a 20% discount off of premium memberships.


I love to read. It’s my therapy. But finding the time can be tough. That’s where Audible comes in. Audible offers a wide selection of books on audio. You can listen to the newest bestseller as you drive to work. I have so many friends who absolutely love Audible and listening to books rather than reading them. I still prefer the old school method myself, but Audible makes it much easier to squeeze in the time and enjoy a good “read”.


I am a total Amazon junkie. I’ve been a prime member for years. The benefits I gain from being  an Amazon Prime member far outweigh the cost. First, the free 2 day shipping. Part of being a working Mom means that I totally forget things like birthdays, anniversaries, Fathers Day, etc. I’m bad about waiting until the last minute to figure out a gift. But if I’m going to buy a gift, by God I want it to be a good one. With Amazon I’m able to do both.

Amazon also offers great deals on items I can’t always find in the store (like my protein shake). Not to mention the great benefit of Amazon streaming. I can stream great shows and movies on Amazon or listen to great music; all of which is included in the Prime package.As busy as we get, Amazon’s prime perks make it a great resource for working Moms.

Lean In

I saved the best for last. If you’ve read my post, Career Crushes – Women to Admire (June Edition), then you know that I’m a huge fan of Sheryl Sandberg’s book, Lean In. I feel like everyone should read Lean In, especially Moms. But the resource that I really want to share with you, is the non-profit side of Lean In. Sandberg has created this great website as a resource to women everywhere. By going on the website,, you can create a profile and join a Lean In circle near you.

I did this earlier this year and can’t begin to describe how much I’ve gained from my Lean In circle. I have met some amazing women who all have something great to share. We come from all different walks of life and each contribute something unique. The group meets once a month (but every group is different) and we have dinner while we discuss our careers and anything we may be struggling with. We discuss sexism in the workplace and the best ways to address certain issues that we as women face. Who wouldn’t benefit from surrounding themselves with awesome women? As a working Mom, be sure to surround yourself with others who lift you up and encourage you; that is the best resource for working Moms I could possibly offer.

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