Father’s Day Gift Guide – Under $20

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Father’s day is right around the corner! If you’re like me then this is the time you’re surfing the web trying to find some good ideas. Find Dad the perfect Father’s Day gift using this guide of gifts under $20. My husband never shops for himself so I always try to be sure his gifts are extra thoughtful and something he’ll get some enjoyment and use out of. Below are neat Father’s Day gift ideas under $20!



These double wall insulated beer mugs are a great gift for Dad! I gave my husband a set of these last summer and he absolutely loves them. Put these in the freezer and the double wall insulation keeps your beer cold for twice as long! And at only $17.89, you’d have enough left for a beer or two.

This neat little key chain by Yosoo serves as a multi-functional tool with a flat head and phillips head screwdriver attached. Great for the handy Dad or as a stocking stuffer.

I personally want one of these wooden colored fidget cubes for myself! But I know a lot of Dads who would also enjoy them. I think this would be particularly helpful for someone like my husband, who tends to be pretty anxious. But also just for the Dad who likes to keep his hands busy. I’m always fidgeting with pencils, pens, paperclips, you name it while I’m at work so I’d definitely use this.

For the playful dad who is still a kid at heart, check out this fun build on brick mug would make a great Father’s Day gift. Dad can spend his morning sipping his coffee and playing blocks with his cup. Just don’t leave any pieces on the floor, ouch!

My husband loves golf. He practices his swing constantly, leaving balls all over the backyard even. This collapsible chipping net would be a great Father’s Day gift for a Dad who enjoys golf and it is amazingly affordable at only $16.06!

We grill a lot around here, so this non-stick grill mat would save us time and energy from having to constantly clean the grill after each time. Use it directly on the grill to prevent sticking and still get that great grilled flavor!

I’ve never understood how men sit down with a huge bulky wallet in their back pocket. I’ve actually even heard of some men developing back and hip issues from just that. This modern slim wallet by Knoxx is a great alternative to the bulky butt.

I cracked up when I first saw this siracha water bottle by Ripple, imagining hubby on a run and taking a big swig. I imagine it would get some stares. At less than $9 it’s certainly a fun Father’s Day gift.


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Father’s Day Gift Guide – Under $20

    1. I’m fidgety myself and think they look like they’d be fun to play around with. Much more fun than a spinner.

  1. There are many articles which tell about Mother’s day gift ideas but gifts for fathers are not so common. Thanks for these ideas, all this stuff is useful.

  2. Good ideas! Unfortunately nothing my dad would like (he’s happy with chocolate 🍫) so it’s easy for me, but there are some good ideas here for other people in my life 🙂

    1. I wish my husband were that easy! Me on the other hand, I’m always down for chocolate!

  3. I want the sriracha water bottle…I guess I will have to wait until next mother’s day 🙁
    great suggestions there. I ordered the fidget cube

    1. I keep telling myself to wait but I think I may break down and get myself one as well! I hope you enjoy yours!

  4. I should get my hubby a fidget cube. He’s always taking my boys cubes to play with lol.

  5. This collapsible chipping net will be a great gift for my Dad. He loves to golf as often as he can.

  6. Ok! Maybe I’m just thinking about me but the siracha water bottle would be my pick! However idk if my dad likes siracha….

  7. Cute gift ideas for dads! I love that sriracha water bottle and that insulated mug as well. I’m sure any of these will make a dad feel special.

  8. Thank you for your guide. I think I will get my Dad this multifinctional tool. So whenever he uses it, he will remember me 🙂 very helpful guide.

  9. I was very impressed by your selections as it is often hard to find good gifts at a certain price point. Wonderful!

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