Chore Chart – Free Printable

So, summertime means my daughter has too much time on her hands. Which also means she has time to help out with the chores. At age ten, she’s fully capable of lending a helping hand. But if I only list the chore itself, without the details, it’ll only get halfway done. I have to detail and list everything I expect her to do. For example, she was supposed to clean the bathrooms yesterday. She emptied the trash in the bathrooms, and that was it. So, I created this handy chore chart printable that allows you to add details, in case your kids are anything like mine. So, enjoy!

Chore Chart Free Printable

Download your Chore Chart Free Printable! Click Here >>> DAILY CHORE CHART

Chore Chart Printable

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Chore Chart – Free Printable

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