Career Crushes – Women to Admire (June Edition) 

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Career WomenSo am I the only one who has some serious career crushes? I see these powerful career women and hear their stories and I am just blown away, inspired, and in general awe of them. My best friend and I like to play a game we call “What I want to be when I grow up”, where we reference some of these fabulous women and their careers. We are so often bombarded with articles about what women are wearing or who they are dating, that I thought it’d be fun to focus instead on their kick ass careers and what they’re doing.


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Name: Sheryl Sandberg

Position: COO of Facebook

Location: San Francisco, CA

Why I love her: She’s put a lot of effort into empowering women and has made a name for herself in an industry largely dominated by men.

Who doesn’t love some Sandberg? Sheryl Sandberg’s book, Lean In dramatically changed the way that I saw my career. It made me more aware of ways I’d been holding myself back. It also made me more aware of how we sometimes hold one another back (men and women). In her book, Sandberg discusses how she made the move from her comfortable position at Google to Facebook, at a time when Facebook was losing money. It encouraged me to make a change myself, which I discuss a bit more in my post on how I made $12k by taking a cut in pay. It’s also made me more aware about how we unintentionally hold ourselves back sometimes.

If you’ve never read Lean In, then I highly suggest it. Sandberg has since founded a non-profit group based off of the Lean In book, you can visit the website here and join Lean In groups in your area. I recently joined a local Lean In Circle in my area and can’t wait to share how much I’ve gained with you!

Name: Michelle Schroeder-Gardner

Position: Financial Analyst turned Blogger at Making Sense of Cents

Location: North America

Why I love her: She’s proven that you can live your dream, be smart, beautiful, and wealthy all at the same time!

I’m totally crushing on Michelle Schroeder-Gardner at the moment, especially since starting my own blog. I initially learned about Michelle’s journey from an article in Forbes. I quickly became a huge fan. Michelle graduated with an MBA (like me!) with some significant student loan debt (also like me- see, we’re practically sisters).

She found a job as a financial analyst making $50k a year, but made a commitment to herself to pay off her debt within six months. Since then, she’s not only paid off her debt, but she’s quit her job and is now making over $100k per MONTH from her blog (and courses), Making Sense of Cents. She also lives out of an RV with her husband touring North America. So yea, basically everybody’s dream. What I love about her is that she is transparent, willing to share a breakdown of her income on a monthly basis; and she’s smart. I honestly get tired of seeing nothing but DIY’s and crafts on nearly every woman owned blog I come across. I love a great crock pot recipe as much as the next gal, but I like to see more depth. Michelle’s blog is both refreshing and insightful.

Name: Barbara Corcoran

Position: Businesswoman, consultant, investor, author

Location: New York, NY

Why I love her: She is upfront about the hardships she’s overcome and is an inspiration to women everywhere.

I absolutely love the show Shark-Tank. I force my oldest to watch it with me because I honestly think you can learn a lot business wise just listening to the pitches and the specific questions the judges ask. One of my favorite sharks has always been Barbara Corcoran. Barbara grew up in two bedroom house in a family of ten. Barbara struggled in school, particularly reading as she was dyslexic.

She started working at a young age and eventually opened her own real estate firm with a $1,000 loan. Years later her boyfriend of 7 years, and business partner ran off with the company’s secretary, telling her she would never succeed without him. Barbara ended up creating a billion dollar empire and is now known as the Queen of Real Estate. I love her story and the way she shares it. She’s proof that sometimes the struggle makes you a better and more successful person.


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Career Crushes – Women to Admire (June Edition) 

  1. It is good to read about women like this that inspire us. I think women comedians are inspirational in a predominately male profession.

  2. OMG yes, I always do! I find them inspirational and amazing. One of my current female crushes is an amazing Croatian author who writes wonderfully, shares great wisdom and it’s sad for the world her works are not yet translated into English. Glad I am not the only one 😀

  3. Love that we as woman can have current role models to look up and mirror. Each of these woman offer hope for all of us trying to make it a little farther every day. Nice yo see that hard work and sometimes a little faith pays off in the end and that it’s not just money that helps you succeed at your dreams

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